Once Upon A Time…

A group of designers wanted to come together to show their most fantastical side although don’t usually design in that style and that’s how “Fairy Closet” came up.

Event details:

ღ Even participating stores don’t need to be fantasy the event items must be made with fantasy theme.

ღ Every designer will give us a chance to get a maximun of 3 items for 100L or less each and at least one of these Items will be new and exclusive for the event.

ღ Event will run trough 10th to 30th of every month, starting September.

This blog will show the exclusive pics and bloggers will show them here with their personal point of view as well.

Also there is an event group to advertise all the rounds:

~*Fashion Emergency*~: secondlife:///app/group/927d0e15-5ea3-102c-8747-4ffa020d8bbc/about

Hope to see you there!! ❤

Fairy Closet organizers:
Luciana Button
Aiko YIng
Manuel Renierd
fashionemergency Resident

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