Blogger Application

Do you want to join us and show the event? If the answer is yes just have to follow these requirements:

ღ We don’t ask for a minimun of posts or items blogged but we want active bloggers to cover the event and we want a great coverage of the event so blogs will be followed to ensure that it does.

ღ Post should be made throughout the event. Not only the first days or the last day.

ღ Exclusive items must be blogged here and at your personal blog.

ღ Pics must be made with good quality and the stuff must be clearly visible.

ღ You have to send a note with your links to the designers blogged so they can see their items are being covered.

ღ If you need to stop blogging temporarily let us know so we will know that you want to follow in the event but you can’t blog at that moment.

If you agree with these requirements send a notecard to fashionemergency Resident (apps sent to other organizer will be ignored) with the following info:

* SL Name (username, not display name):

* Email Address: 

* Blog URL:

* Blog Name:

* Flickr Link:

* Syndicates:

Rename that notecard in this way: Fairy Closet Blogger App – (Your Name) – (Blog Name)

Hope to see you here!! ❤


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