Designer Application

Do you want to join us? If the answer is yes just have to follow these requirements:

ღ Even you don’t need to have a fantasy store your event items must be made with fantasy theme. If no they can be returned without refund. If you are not sure ask before.

ღ You can rent a maximun of 3 prims for 100L each. Demos and pose stands can be placed for free but if you place demos they must be set for 0L.

ღ At least one Item must be new and exlusive for the event but can be sell after the round.

ღ Exclusive item(s) can be set for 100L and no exclusive items can be priced at a maximum of 99L.

ღ Timeline for every month:

1st to 4th: Land will be close.
5th to 9th: Time to reserve and set your vendors.
10th: Event starts.
30th: Event ends.

This blog will show the exclusive pics and bloggers will show them as well here and at their personal blogs. Also there is an event group to advertise all the rounds. Designers will have access to that group to inform of their own items if they want do it personally.

If you are interested in taking part of this event send a notecard to fashionemergency Resident (apps sent to other organizer will be ignored) with the following info:

Store Name:
* Owner Name and Second Contact if necessary (only usernames, not display names):
* Store Landmark:
* Store SLURL:
* Logo:

Rename that notecard in this way: Fairy Closet App – (Owner Name) – (Store Name)

Hope to see you here!! ❤


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